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Typical excellence of the territory

Scents and flavors of Sicily

In Raffaele Casiraro's cuisine, the aromas and flavors tell the best of this generous land kissed by the sea and the sun.  Here, theSicilian culinary traditionleads us towards an unforgettable taste experience aimed at the rediscovery of the original spirit of the County of Modica through a succession of flavors that explore the history of a territory and its people.
Raffaele Casiraro, with his now twenty-year dedication to the kitchen, creates each dish with the dual objective of projecting the diners intotypical excellence of the territoryand to be able to convey the true origins of a people by translating them into flavours. 
In our restaurant we offer above all onegenuine and typical Sicilian cuisine: we have a deep passion for good food, which has allowed us to develop ancient recipes and revisit them in a modern key, always taking great care of the aesthetic presentation and never betraying the balance of flavours.

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