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Trattoria – pizzeria in Modica

The Rusticana

Flavors of the sea and scents of Sicily

The offer of La Rusticana is that of onetypical restaurant, traditional, which however knows how to open up to changes and innovations: in fact, you will find several on the menuSicilian food and wine specialtieswhich chef Raffaele Casiraro prepares with passion and skill, enriching them with a touch of creativity in combining the ingredients 

Specialità di pesce Modica

Trattoria and Pizzeria

Our extensive menu includes both the typical dishes of the Sicilian territory, with first courses, second courses and side dishes based on fish and meat, as well as tasty, tasty and, above all, light pizzas. In the long years of activity, ourtrattoria-pizzeria in Modicahas always been committed to enhancing theSicilian culinary tradition, a millenary tradition, appreciated all over the world for its richness of flavors and for its ability to blend different cultures and customs 

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